Nicky Mouha

I am a Researcher at the Computer Security Division of NIST, and an Associate Member of the CASCADE team of ENS.

My research is in cryptography. Besides my research, I am involved in the standardization of threshold cryptography. I am also a co-author of the Triple DES (3DES) standard, which is one of only two block ciphers that are approved for use by the US government. Previously, I worked on the NIST lightweight cryptography project.

I am perhaps best known as the designer of the Chaskey algorithm that is currently included in the ISO 29192-6 DIS (Draft International Standard), or the Simpira algorithm that is used in Google Randen. Furthermore, I am the inventor of the MILP and SAT-based techniques that have now become the standard tools to analyze the security of cryptographic algorithms against attacks such as differential and linear cryptanalysis.